Happy Halloweeeeeeen Everyone

Hi Peeps and Happy Halloween.  It's been awhile (again) but I wanted to come back and blog more about my love for advertisement. Every month I buy so many magazines and see these great ads for jewelry, fashion, beauty, etc. that inspire me and put a smile on my face. I've also been catching some good funny commercials on television and say to myself, "I should post this on my blog".

There's going to be more changes to the look of my page but for now I just changed the name of my blog to reflect what's to come.

This month just flew by so quickly and I can't believe next month is Turkey month; wow! Anywhoooo....If you're still looking for some last minute looks for Halloween, I wanted to share some of my top...no favorite looks from the people I follow on YT. Some items you may have to run out and get (if you have time) or may have somewhere around the house but alot of us have tons of makeup. These looks are so amazingly simple, easy to do and I just wanted to post and share these great videos. At the end I'm also sharing a cute, funny Halloween commercial by Verizon. Enjoy!

 1.  Kandee Johnson - Wolf Makeup  

2. Promise Phan - Trippy 'Face in a Face' Halloween Make-up

3. Dulce Candy - Mystical Gypsy Halloween Tutorial

4. Elle Fowler - Halloween Tutorial: DIY Cat Ears

5. realtechniques by Sam Chapman - Evil Sorceress Makeup Tutorial 

(couldn't get the video clip but you can click on the link above)

6. Pixiwoos - Halloween Punk/Drag/80s Makeup & Hair Tutorial

7. Carli Bybel - Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial | TVD inspired!

8. SMLx0 - Werewolf Halloween Tutorial

9. AlbaMayo: Cute Cat Halloween Makeup!

10. AlbaMayo: Hot Devil Makeup!

My favorite Halloween - Verizon Star Wars Halloween commercial